1 x Job Listing

£600030 Days
  • 1 x Job Listing
  • 30 Day Listing
  • Post a Job Today!
  • Manage your listings on site

1 x Job Listing

£1500090 Days
  • 1 x Job Listing
  • 90 Day Listing
  • Post a Job Today!
  • Manage your listings on site

10 x Job Listings

£3000030 Days
  • 10 x Job Listings
  • 30 Days per Listing
  • Post a Job Today!
  • Manage your listings on site

What We Offer

We offer a choice of three packages to efficiently promote and acquire the highest calibre candidates for any positions you need to fill.

Our expertise and contacts ensure that whether you require spa staff, hair salon staff, nail technicians or a combination of roles; our 30 day, 90 day and multiple job packages give you the reins.

Our specialist recruitment consultants and rigorous application process allows for only the most suited candidates to apply. Potential candidates CVs are posted directly to your inbox ready for you to contact; allowing you to advertise smoothly, quickly and effectively.

Simply choose the appropriate package, pay the fee in full and your job advertisement is instantly live.


Simply call or drop us a line with your requirements and we will swiftly find you the perfect candidate. Or why not use our new job board? Choose one of our 3 competitively priced packages and go live with your position immediately.




How to Post a Job Listing

  • Once you have purchased any of the 3 recruitment packages available:
    • An account will be automatically created for you
    • You will receive an email with a username (based on your email address) and a randomly generated password (which you may change at any time)
    • You will be automatically logged into the new account so that you can post a job immediately after purchasing.
  • Navigate to the ‘Post a Job’ page located under the ‘Clients’ menu item within the main menu of the website: https://salonspasolutions.co.uk/post-a-job/
  • Your package will already be highlighted at the top of this page under ‘Your Packages’. Simply click ‘Listing Details’ on the far right hand side of the page to continue to submit your job listing.
  • You will now be taken to the job form which is where you will submit your job listing. Once you have populated the various job related fields and are happy with your listing, click ‘Preview’.
  • You will now see a preview of your listing. If you are happy with this click ‘Post’
  • Your listing is now live and located within the ‘Jobs’ page here: https://salonspasolutions.co.uk/jobs/

Managing your Account & Job Listings